A functional food / beverage is a food / beverage given an additional function by adding new ingredients or more of existing ingredients. Functional foods deliver additional or enhanced benefits over and above their basic nutritional value.

Hi-Q is actively in developing new formula to produce functional food and beverage using our own natural ingredients

Collagen beauty, Immunomodulation

Functional Drink

Product specifications:
Functional Drink: 50mL/bottle
Functional Jelly Stick: 15mL/stick

Functional Jelly Stick

Collagen beauty formula

Functional beverage and jelly containing collagen-infused, FucoBalan® Fucoidan and highly stable Fucoxanthin for cosmetic formula; assist in glucose and lipid metabolism. The repair and formulation of collagen in the body is through sufficient Vitamin C. The formula in the product uses fish-based collagen, free from human or livestock contamination, and cartilage extracts from salmon nasal cartilage, and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine to promote collagen and hyaluronic acid formation. Additional ingredients include Vitamin C, the fruit of the Phyllanthus emblica, and grape seed extract with its strong anti-oxidant property to help you regain naturally bright and healthy skin. 

Immunomodulation formula

A good immune system is the key to a healthy life. The functional beverage and jelly contains an immune system regulating formula and the precious OliFuco® LWM Fucoidan, green tea extract and β-glucan for balanced immunity modulation! 

Weight Management

Functional High Fiber Meal

The busy modern life has led to an increase of take-out eating and increased health risks from high fat diets. The Fucoidan grain-based meal supplement contains LMW Fucoidan and highly stable Fucoxanthin, and coupled with healthy grain-based ingredients to improve your healthy lifestyle. 



Functional Coffee  (Infused Coffee)

Coffee trends are constantly evolving. The coffee industry is transforming due to customers‘ changing demands. The functional LMW infused coffee gives you vitality and health all day long.