Hi-Q has launched branding series of innovative Fucoidan products in Taiwan. The current products are in 13 international markets in Taiwan, China, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, etc. Over 3500 retailers in the world, with professional recommendations from each country’s doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists.

Immunomodulation,Postoperative care

Oligo Fucoidan Supplement

Oligo Fucoidan-OliFuco® enhanced small molecule weight Fucoidan formula, 100% pure natural healthy product – recommended by over 3,000 medical professionals. Take OliFuco® for daily health maintenance or after an illness to recover your strength and vitality! 

Product specifications:
1) 2.2g*15 sachets/box
2) 550mg*60 capsules/box


Diabetes Care

BalanGluco Supplement

BalanGluco – balanced FucoBalan® formula with highly stable Fucoxanthin and LMW Fucoidan to modulate physiological functions, promote metabolism and maintain health. Nationally certified and clinically researched to provide a stable and balanced formula to improve 2X the Fucoxanthin activity; exclusive enveloping technology and ingredients to invigorate both body and mind.

Product specifications:
550mg*90 capsules/box




MultiArmor Supplemnet

MultiArmor – algae based formula containing natural, pure and high quality OliFuco® LMW Fucoidan; added formula from blue algae, green algae and red algae to suit the needs of the whole family; balances nutrition, modulates physiological functions, invigorates the body and maintains a healthy skin. The comprehensive algae-based health food is suitable for long-term use and daily health maintenance. 

Product specifications:
700mg*60 tablets/box



Liver Health

HnOverKiller Supplement

HnOverKiller – your newest option for maintaining the strength to pull all-nighters; enhance the spirit, modulate physiological functions for a better life; OliFuco® LMW Fucoidan with liver-protecting formula (artichoke, turmeric, quercetin, vitamin B) to improve metabolism, strengthens the body and gives you the fuel to work hard every day. 

Product specifications:
60 tablets/box