Hi-Q has launched branding series of innovative Fucoidan products in Taiwan. The current products are in 13 international markets in Taiwan, China, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, etc. Over 3500 retailers in the world, with professional recommendations from each country’s doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists. 


Fucoidan Facial Mask (Bio-Fiber)

LMW Fucoidan bio-fiber facial mask has won the product excellence approval from Fashion Guide; the bio-fiber mask adheres closely to the skin and has deep penetrating effect; the unique LMW Fucoidan nutrients and ingredients containing marine collagen, deep sea pentapeptide and sea water, nano-platinun, hyaluronic acid and White tea extract to invigorate and rejuvenate the skin. 

Product specifications:
30g/ pcs, 4 pcs/box

Soothing & Anti-freckle

Over a decade ago, doctors from Taiwan’s Saint Mary’s Hospital Luodong discovered that small molecular weight Fucoidan can promote the healing of patient’s electrotherapy wounds. The research team at Hi-Q developed the FucoWell gel for use on sensitive skin, which contains the strong anti-oxidant extract of the Taiwan Hibiscus. The gel enables rejuvenation, maintenance and alleviation of the skin for improved aesthetics. 

Product specifications:




Suikesei Moisturizing Cream

The Suikesei moisturizing cream locks in moisture for a long time and alleviates the roughness and aging skin damaged by a lack of moisture. The skin-care product produces suppleness and rejuvenates and repairs the skin to restore its luster and brightness.



Fucoidan Hand-made Soap

Hand-made soap containing Taiwan Small Molecule Oligo Fucoidan extract and natural essence from Artemisias or purple gromwell that is natural, pure and contains no artificial chemicals. The soap prolongs skin vitality and maintains elasticity, moisturizes the skin after cleansing and does not dry it out, eliminating the dirt and grease from the skin completely.